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I am Tiger Monkey and I bid you welcome and wish you a Happy New Year!
Some of you may have already visited one of my pages before, so you will know what to expect. I'm sorry. But there are always going to be a few people who haven't stumbled across my lair and it is to these newcomers that I wish to extend my deepest sympathy. I only hope that you will make a full recovery. There are some things in life that just happen and I am one of them.

First item on the gender is an introduction to the wonderful selection of links that I have provided especially for people who like a bit on the side. These particular links are very good because they all link to things that are about something. And it's all clean and squeeky. This site is free from smutt, filth, porn, prawn, nudity, oldity, hardcore, softcore, applecore and any form of stimulating content, so if that's what you want then tough-titty!
What you will find here is a subtle mix of humour, history and hobbies. Bet you can't wait to read the features. The first one is autobiographical and about me, just so you know who you're dealing with, so enough of the formaldahyde and on with the show.

Who Writes This Stuffage?

Please feel free to join the dots and colour in if you wish.

I was born at an early age in the same room as my mother. I was a baby at this stage but soon developed into a person. My schooldays were spent at school where I was very popular and took an active interest in leaning, although I feel that my teachers were against me most of the time. My best subject was Atomic and Subatomic particle physics with a special interest in bipolar covalent bonding of hydrosilicate mineral derivatives, but I had to halt my research when I left my primary school, as the big school didn’t have a sand-pit.
Sports were my big interest in my teens and I was thrown off all the school teams to allow others a chance. I was slightly upset by this but found support in the form of the girls netball team. I also took up Human Biology at this time and was pleased to have so many friends offering to help with my research.
On leaving school I went home where my mother had raised three more children and painted the bathroom.
We framed it and hung it on the wall in the lounge while my father built a shed. At the age of sixteen I said goodbye to my school life and started my education. I followed in my father’s footsteps until he got fed up with it. My first job was in television. After eight years however I was able to get out through an air hole in the back and I decided to go to art college. This is where I met the love of my life, and gouache. Together we endured student hardships and a degree course. A brief but sucessful career in the film industry followed where I was able to blow things up and burn things down legally, but then disaster struck. I contracted M.E. and found that life suddenly became not much fun. But I was stuck with M.E. and me and made the best of it, and early in 1999 I married my wife. Well I married my fiancee and she became my wife. If I’d married someone else’s wife I’d have been in trouble and if she’d been my wife already I needn’t have married her so that’s that. We now live a very happy life and have a computer.
Having M.E. for more than five years means that I haven’t been able to work and I feel constantly tired and have a lot of pain. There are other symptoms too but I won’t go into all that in case I put you off your food, although there aren’t any blood-spirting puss filled boils or the foul stench of putrid excrement and socks full of vomit to cope with, so bon apetite! I am able with the help of medication to carry on a reasonably normal life:
in bed until midday, two hours getting up, rest, the odd half hour of work, rest, afternoon nap, rest, eating, rest and then bed. I save my energy during the week so that I can go out with my wife at weekends and she takes very good care of me, stopping me falling asleep in supermarkets etc... We have just started a small business which will allow me to ‘work’ from home, although at the most this is likely to involve a few phone calls a month and ten minutes a week on the PC. Nothing to disturb my sleep pattern and the life to which I have become a custard!


There are, as I mentioned above, a few more of our Tiger Monkey Motion Pictures pages on the web, all of which are constantly under construction. If you find any of them please let us know because the search engines just seem to pass us by. We don't know where they are ourselves. We'd really like to have some feedback from all you surfers out there in virtual reality land, so click on that button and make our day complete.

Important Note: Sadly we have found other TigerMonkeys on the web who are no relation to us but have good sites. I say sadly because although we've been TigerMonkey for more years than I care to remember, we didn't register the domain ourselves and now we are too late! Tsk tsk that's showbiz!

So greetings TigerMonkeys of the world!

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June Meyer's Authentic Hungarian Recipies.

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Did you know...
The average family car has wheels?

When a person of average height and weight stands upright for thirty hours, they feel really tired.

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