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UK importer and distributor of fine scale models


Resination produced a range of finely sculpted figure kits in 1/35th, 54mm & 120mm .There were also two German railway flatbed cars in 1/72 scale and two large scale busts. The models were produced in resin and all very crisply molded. Recently the company have introduced some items in white metal. Historical characters including Adolf Hitler and Henry VIII appeared in the 120mm selection. They have been out of production for several years.


Botond Models produced a range of Hungarian, German, Russian, Dutch and Italian vehicles in 1/15 and 1/35 scales. The kits were made from resin white metal & etched brass.
The selection of figures in 1/35 & 120mm included WW2 and modern soldiers plus Austrian & Hungarian Hussars in traditional uniforms. There were also etched brass stencils, a 1/10 scale bust of a Warsaw Pact tank crewman and, under the 'Tankair' brand name, resin & etched ejector seats for 1/48 scale aircraft.


Oliver Mark Miniatures manufactured kits and diorama accessories in 1/72 & 1/35 scales. The models were produced in resin and ceramic materials plus a number of printed poster sheets.
Their range of models included tank and aircraft engines, plus some complete mini dioramas.
A German armoured train, high altitude Bf109 fighter and Adler KFZ-13 armoured car are just a few of the beautifully detailed kits available from this company plus Toldi Tanks and Csaba armoured cars in 1/72 scale.


Heroic Miniatures were Hungarian company producing fine scale figures in white metal, busts in resin and wooden bases. Models were in 54mm and 1/10th scale. The range and covered various historical periods.


Homokit produced a range of diorama accessories in plaster, resin and vacuform. Covering subjects from gravestones to house ruins, these models provided a perfect setting for all styles of modelling.


Arpad, our own range, includes diorama accessories, posters & printed items.

Prices are not shown on this website, but are available on request.International trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for details of your nearest stockist.


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